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Living in Tenerife

Buying an apartment in a warm climate and friendly surroundings? Or maybe home? Renting a flat in Tenerife is not a problem either. All this thanks to attractive prices, easy-to-go procedures and low formal requirements. However, we know from experience that hardly anyone can take into account and properly calculate all local conditions and the specifics of the local market, which is why we provide our experience in real estate trading and knowledge about the situation on the spot.

Tenerife is not without reason called the land of eternal spring. The temperature on the island does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius, and the waters of the surrounding ocean are always warm. For this reason, the island is a good place to live, and apartments for rent are in demand all year round. Despite this, everyone who dreams of a house with a sea view should pay attention to the often overlooked details. Contrary to appearances, Tenerife is a place very diverse in terms of climate - for example, if you dream of seasonal renting an apartment for the needs of holidays, e.g. in January, then it will be best to focus on the island's southwest coast. This, of course, is not the only reason why you should use our services, just as not only the weather is behind the decision to rent or buy property in Tenerife. Investment is often encouraged by easy credit, the dream of having a retired apartment, or the desire to invest capital. Undoubtedly, Tenerife villas and apartments offer extraordinary, you just need to know how to find the perfect property. Knowing all these reasons, we provide services based on knowledge about them. Buying or renting apparatuses are seen as simple and not requiring much care, but

It's always worth asking a few questions

  • why Tenerife is a good place to invest in real estate,
  • what real estate do Poles buy,
  • how much do property in Tenerife cost,
  • how to buy property in Tenerife,
  • how to finalize the transaction,
  • how long does the procedure take and what documents does it require,
  • what happens to the apartment or house after purchase,
  • What are the costs of maintaining property in Tenerife?
  • how to maintain and advertise apartments for rent.
  • The answers to the above questions are not as clear-cut as their design would suggest - in fact, everything depends on the client's expectations. The high level of service we currently represent is due to our observance of the "Three" s "principle, namely" listen, listen and listen again ". The main thing is simply to understand what the client wants and expects, the sea view is a sea view, not a panorama of the city and a fragment of the sea. Understanding customer relationships is not just a successful transaction. We perceive our work as giving someone joy, similar to the role of Saint. Mikołaj, because a significant number of decisions to invest in property in Tenerife are dreams. By visiting our site, you have made the first step to discover how attractive Tenerife apartments are for sale and rent.

Market and environmental knowledge

We will not exaggerate by claiming that we are prepared for any eventuality. This may be evidenced by the fact that the number of our clients on recommendation has increased significantly over the past year - our satisfied contractors believe that we are worth recommending. Professionalism is a specialization, while specialization is a small segment of the market and the best insights possible. We are always able to indicate an object that meets the needs, and in one that already belongs to the environment we will feel better and adapt to the environment faster. We also help in deciding whether to rent or buy the property. It is true that the value of houses of equal size is not as easily comparable as the value of flats in one area, but appraisers' valuations give a realistic idea of the price and conditions prevailing on site.

Why tenerife Buying or renting apartments?

The legend of this paradise island results from an exceptionally friendly and sunny climate. There are over 320 sunny days a year. Add to this a well-organized road network, good food and friendly residents. In this perspective, attractive real estate prices, their large selection and ease of obtaining a loan allow to better understand the demand for flats and houses in attractive locations. Our clients are generally interested in houses and apartments located relatively close to the beach, which are suitable for rent, and premises in estates with swimming pools, gardens and sea views.

Some details

The most popular type of sought after apartment is having two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchenette. These types of flats usually have roof terraces and terraces. Of course, photo documentation is available for inspection of our clients, in many cases we offer virtual visits to the offered places, in this way it is better to get an idea of what the place looks like and significantly saves time. We feel responsible for the decisions of our clients because we know that a villa, apartment or even a small apartment abroad is not only prestige, but also an excellent investment. That is why many of our contractors decide to buy real estate instead of renting.

As you know, the photographic documentation itself, even made by a professional photographer as in our case, does not exhaust the topic of a particular villa, cottage or apartment. Therefore, after indicating any of our offers, we can perfectly describe the conditions of the property - from the climate zone, through the ambient conditions to the advantages of the area. In the case of houses, we have knowledge about the materials used for construction and renovations. We also have bill histories, so you can get an idea of the costs of living in an apartment or house.

A small and cheap flat by the sea can be bought today in Tenerife for 60 thousand. euro, but remember that these are opportunities that appear and sell quickly. Nevertheless, apartments close to the beach for around 100,000 Euro is quite a lot. Another indicator of the price spectrum of real estate in Tenerife may be the average cost of a three-room apartment with a terrace in a housing estate with a swimming pool of about 130 thousand. euro. However, this is not the only price from a really wide range.

The annual cost of maintaining a property in Tenerife is small, between 400 and 1 thousand. Euro per apartment plus around 200 Euro for property tax. In general, the costs are equal to or lower than the costs of maintaining the property in Poland. Undoubtedly, investment in apartments Tenerife offers really attractive.

Fragments of the procedure

If the client is interested in one of the properties we propose, we make a reservation by paying a negotiable advance payment. If necessary, we take care of formalities related to bank loans for the purchase of real estate in Tenerife, which is easier to obtain in Spain than in Poland. Such a loan can be obtained for 60-70 percent. property value, its interest rate is about 4.5 percent. per year.

If we want to buy a property, we obtain a Spanish Foreigner Identification Number for our clients, i.e. a NIE number, we open an account in a Spanish bank from which the buyer pays for the purchased property.

The formalities related to obtaining a loan last about a week. The buyer submits the following documents to the bank: earnings certificate, photocopy of passport, translated PIT for the previous and current year and a certificate from the bank about having an account. The property acquired in Tenerife can, of course, be rented in earnings. Apartments for rent on this island are constantly in demand - both from investors and future vacationers. The customer can sign a contract with us to manage the rental of real estate. In this case, you do not have to worry about finding tenants on your own. For our part, we offer real estate marketing and the rental of apartments.