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The most interesting cities of Tenerife

Tenerife offers beautiful views on one side and charming towns on the other. During the holidays, even those focused on sunbathing, do not underestimate this vibrant, urban fabric of the island. You can fall in love with it, and the morning jackdaw drunk in a cafe with a view of the charming buildings is a unique pleasure. We present to you the most interesting towns of the island.

Apartments for rent in Tenerife

Before we get to our mini-guide, we want to emphasize that renting an apartment in any of the described cities does not rule out visiting others. Although Tenerife is a large island, the extensive bus network (so-called guagas) and highways allow even one-day trips from north to south.

Santa Cruz: the capital of entertainment

We humbly admit that although the capital of Tenerife can boast of beautiful districts, it is not the most aesthetic place on the island. On the other hand, it is called the lively heart of the island, in which a tourist never gets bored. Apartments for rent in Tenerife are particularly attractive during this monthly carnival. Regarded as the second most important carnival in the world, monthly fun attracts thousands of people yearning for dynamic, joyful entertainment.

Wandering from monument to monument or visiting museums in Santa Cruz could take weeks, and yet the city also offers a variety of beaches, parks, and its surroundings are surrounded by majestic mountains. Something for everyone.

Puerto de la Cruz: a cliff zoo

One of the charming towns of Tenerife is Puerto de la Cruz. Deciding on an apartment or flat in this city, we basically get everything that a tourist, even the most demanding, wants. In Puerto de la Cruz, we will stroll around the wonderful parks and historic streets. We will visit museums and the zoobotanical Loro park, where you can see several hundred species of animals, a huge dolphinarium and countless exotic plants.

It is worth knowing that Puerto de la Cruz is an ideal starting point for trips to the Teide volcano. The highest volcano in the Atlantic measures over 3700 m, and the upper station of the funicular climbing above the island's geological treasures is situated at an altitude of 3555 m. More active travelers can of course take trekking.

La Laguna: the university hustle and bustle of the former capital

San Cristóbal de la Laguna (because that is the full name of the city), a city located in the north of Tenerife, boasts, among others rich history, dynamic student life and the old town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The picturesque location of the town on the slope of the mountain saddle in the north of Tenerife makes la Laguna a place at the same time beautiful and unpredictable when it comes to weather. There will be no cold there, but occasional fog, cloudy or rains sometimes deter tourists who came to the Canary to bask on the beach.

La Laguna, however, is a unique quintessential Canarian style. Despite the rainy weather, for some people it is an ideal place to buy a house in Tenerife. And for a simple reason: the heat bothers here much less than in other parts of the island.

Costa Adeje: a town with small towns

It is difficult to define the status of Costa Adeje. In fact, it is a fragment of the southern coast of Tenerife, on which there are many smaller towns. Whether for convenience or order, they have been combined into a larger tourist town with several unique neighborhoods. It can be said that the borders of Costa Adeje are simply smooth - there is no agreement, for example, whether the Playa de las Americas described below belongs to it or not.

Costa Adeje will satisfy tourists seeking entertainment rather than authenticity. It is full of attractions, within it (and its surroundings) the most famous attractions of the Canary Islands are located, including the Teide National Park, Barranco del Inferno Gorge and Siam Park - one of the largest (and most exciting) water parks.

And these beaches, lots of beaches. They are worth visiting: each of them has a unique character. They can even differ in the color of the sand.

Garachico: volcanic pools

Garachico is tangible proof that Tenerife is not only a paradise on earth. The town is on the ground despite heavy experience with the Trevejo volcano, which passed backwards. From the thriving port to a small fishing town. It was influenced by many 17th and 18th century catastrophes. In addition to the great volcanic eruption in 1706, these include epidemics and a massive landslide. Only the gate is left after the port ... Perhaps the lack of the bustle typical of large shopping centers together with the volcanic landscape makes the town really have a lot of charm.

Its greatest attraction are not surviving monuments at all, but El Caletón de Garachico, i.e. natural pools formed at the interface of lava and water. Their Atlantic waters are calm. They are a beautiful, original and, above all, safe place to rest.

La Orotava: conquistadic peace

There is no better area to feel the atmosphere of old conquistador Tenerife. Certainly nowhere on the island will you see such preserved 17th and 18th century architecture.

For some people, the disadvantage of the town is that it is not located directly on the shoreline. On the other hand, it has huge advantages. La Orotava is not a resort or party, and a bus or a rented car can take us to the beach. It is only 5 km.

The city is of course filled with tourists walking along the charming streets among buildings covered with red roofs. Discovering them is a great pleasure, monuments and parks are intertwined with cafes, where it is definitely worth trying churros for breakfast. We guarantee that while hiking it is difficult to tear yourself away from documenting everything in photographs.

Playa de las Americas: a thirty-year-old party

Playa de las Americas has earned the name of a resort full of life and one of the most fashionable villages of Tenerife. Particularly among tourists who value a rich nightlife, because restaurants, bars and clubs are usually open there until the last, ending customer.

And what can you do there outside of the party? The village is only several dozen years old, so renting an apartment in it connects with the distance from monuments, and entering modernity and the world of beautiful landscapes. This is where many hotels are set on the slopes of the mountains, offering views of the evergreen sky and clear water in which dolphins splash. Playa de las Americas is also famous for its beautiful golden beaches (tons of sand from the Sahara were taken there), coves, a wide offer of water sports and ... good weather. It is the sunniest place in the whole of Tenerife and you have to be very unlucky to get on one of six (statistically) rainy days of the year during the holiday.